Literary Work Excerpts

Hiding Places
A Memoir from the Pirate Princess of Tybee Island 

"Carried along the twilight shores of Tybee Island with invisible wings, my carefree spirit lifted me to a world of happiness far, far away from my real world-a world filled with uncertainties and confusion. Within the eerie nuances of darkness hovering over the ocean, my childish innocence and theatrical antics drew strangers into my world as they walked hand-in-hand along the shoreline."

"Everyone feared the killer-shower-man might be looking for me; everyone but me. If my mother could not find me, then he surely could not. I wanted to forget about the blood and the brains splattered on the wall. I just wanted to go to Great Aunt Margaret's house in Atlanta!"

"I thought boring and only dull unimaginative children seemed perfect. They all would probably grow up with serious mental problems anyway. All their thoughts pinned up on being perfect, and for what? No one took the time to know their thoughts and hearts. They looked sad all the time, or they had some fake smile that looked like they just passed gas."

"My tree houses were not ordinary tree houses with uneven wooden planks for steps leading up to a little clubhouse. My tree houses hid within the branches of old oak trees draped in moss or in large magnolia trees whose white blossoms fragranced the evening's breezes. I felt protected and unthreatened from human annoyances while sheltered between two branches extending from a large hollow gap."

"All of nature's creatures kept my curiosity alive as my eyes observed the comings and goings of my winged friends, squirrels, and insects, interestingly, their daily comings and goings often times provided new survial skills for me to draw upon."