Author and Artist

My name is Deborah Elizabeth Merriman and I was born in Savannah, Georgia - 1949. As a child I lived with many families due to unlovely circumstances. With my emotional intelligence as my guide, I was able to migrate in and out of the various homes telling tall tales about being a pirate princess, and if I wasn't talking I was singing. I painted my first canvas at 59 years of age and recently completed my first book:

Hiding Places, A Memoir from the Pirate Princess of Tybee Island. Through my various artistic expressions, I realized being perfectly imperfect is perhaps one of the most interesting qualities I possess. I began my artistic journey with the hopes of decompressing from the drones of corporate pressures and to give the intellectual and analytical parts of my cranium a rest. I never expected to receive the unexplainable wonderment and the feelings of freedom when I entered into the artistic world of painting and writing. I feel honored when an artist, author or musician voices an appreciation of my talents. However, I feel accomplished when an individual realizes that they too can rediscover themselves through the art of imperfection and begin their own journey in a genre that best fits their psyche or inner soulfulness.
Enjoy the journey!

Artistic Style

I enjoy working with mixed-media materials to achieve various textures and effects that produce visual elements of uncertainties to my canvas. Running colors together, applying gels in abstract patterns, or using different tools to achieve unusual three dimensional effects is exciting to work in and around a particular vision.

I prepare my canvas with acrylic gesso as a primer. I use acrylic modeling paste for textural buildup and sculptured effects. I use acrylic gel medium to add additional body to acrylic paints which provide strong adhesive and textural glazes. I use acrylic gloss medium mixed with acrylic paints to create transparent glazes and to increase depth of color, and add a glossy coating that makes the painting look like it has an oil-like appearance. Sometimes I use sponges, wax paper, kitchen utensils (well just about anything) to give the canvas special definitions. I use glass beads to give special light reflections for a glacier or snowy winter scenes.

The fun thing about mixed media is the playfulness in the beginning, however, the real excitement begins when the movements present a visual inspiration and my creativity takes me on a journey as I apply colors within the architectural dimensions.

Literary Expression

Circumstances, social status, turbulent times, and a dysfunctional child care system all played a significant role in the rearing, or not, of Deborah Elizabeth. From the time she was conceived, her existence was precarious and riddled with bleakness and uncertainty. At an early age she depended on instinct survival techniques, emotional and physical, to cope with over 19 homes before her 5th birthday and even more there after. Her story will inspire some to open up Pandora Boxes, others to have closure on long-festering issues, and still more to realize what is happening in their own lives this very moment.

The poetry and deep philosophies will make you weep as well as soar, and you will cheer for this spunky, precocious, and daring little girl. Although she had a horrific beginning, Deborah Elizabeth survived to have a family of her own, a successful career, and the courage to share with the world a piece of herself no one wants to see, but everyone should know about.
Truly Inspirational!
Jeanie Pantelakis, Agent
Sullivan Max Literary Agency